Q: What exactly does the CFCPA do?
The CFCPA brings together representatives from both law enforcement and private businesses to share knowledge and resources for the prevention of crime in our communities. CFCPA resources are often used to teach community representatives about proactive safety programs.

Q: Can a private business benefit from joining the CFCPA?
Business member representatives are typically associated with a security role in their firms. Sharing knowledge on safety and best security practices benefits both law enforcement and businesses. Note that the CFCPA does not endorse the products and/or services of its private sector members.

Q: How can city and county law enforcement benefit by CFCPA membership?
The CFCPA facilitates the sharing of ideas and community service programs that address crime prevention. This model is cost effective as it reduces the time and expense necessary to develop and test local programs. If you want to know what is working in our communities, join the CFCPA.

Q: How does an organization get their website listed on the CFCPA.ORG website?
The CFCPA provides information that would be important to preventing crime and offers value to our members and citizens. The Board of Directors approves all links. No endorsements of vendors or their products is ever given as part of this website and it is a general practice not to include links to commercial websites. Members of the CFCPA are provided a link to their organization as a benefit to our site visitors so they may better understand who attends and supports the CFCPA.

Q: If I find a valuable resource on the Internet, how to I get it listed on the CFCPA.org website?
CFCPA appreciates the help to scan the vast resources of the Internet and identify information of value to both law enforcement and citizens with respect to crime prevention.  If you have found a resource that you believe would be of value to others and it meets our requirement of no implied endorsements and it is specific to crime prevention, you should send it to the webmaster@cfcpa.org.  To qualify, a link must support the topics of fraud, addiction, crime prevention, public safety or education topics such as law enforcement. Include the link, a brief description of the content of the resources and why you believe it should be added to our site.  While we love to accommodate linking to everyone’s recommendations, our site is quite extensive and our screening attempts to eliminate duplicate resources. We do not accept health related topics for linking on CFCPA.ORG.