Article l. Organization

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be: CENTRAL FLORIDA CRIME PREVENTION ASSOCIATION, INC.
(see note 2)

Section 2. The organization may, at its pleasure, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership body, change its name at any given general membership meeting provided that all members are notified ten (10) days prior.

Article ll. Purpose

The purpose or purposes for which the Association is formed is to develop and promote professional standards of ethics and competence of law enforcement by:

Section 1. Bringing together law enforcement agencies and other related specialists and concerned individuals to exchange experiences and offer successful programs to improve community relations/crime prevention efforts on behalf of the law enforcement profession.

Section. 2 Availing law enforcement agencies the resources to provide their communities with current community relations/crime prevention programs.

Article lll. Membership


Regular Membership – Shall be available to any person from law enforcement or the private sector who is involved in Crime Prevention as approved by the Board of Directors.

Member in Good Standing – A member whose dues are paid in full and has attended 8 of the last 12 monthly meetings.
(see note 6)

Section 1. The Board of Directors may, by a quorum vote at any meeting, expel any member for cause, provided said member shall have been given at least ten (10) days prior notice and be allowed the opportunity of appearing before the Board of Directors at that meeting.

Section 2. No person shall be denied membership in this corporation because of race, religion or sex.

Section 3. Annual dues will be set by the Board of Directors when deemed necessary and are delinquent after January 31.

Section 4. The Central Florida Crime Prevention Association does not endorse the services or products of any business member of the Association. The member may advertise being a member of the Central Florida Crime Prevention Association but cannot advertise the Central Florida Crime Prevention Association endorses their services or products.
(see note 3)

Article IV. General Membership Meetings

Section 1. Meetings shall be held on a monthly basis to be determined by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership. The Secretary shall set the date and notify the members.

Section 2. The presence of not less that 25% of the membership at a meeting shall constitute a quorum and shall be necessary to conduct the business of the organization.

Article V. Voting

Section 1. All officers and directors will be elected by a secret ballot from the floor.

Section 2. All regular members present in good standing shall have full voting privileges.

Section 3. During elections of officers, each law enforcement agency/crime prevention agency shall have only one (1) vote, regardless of the number of members present from that agency.

Article VI Officers, Duties and Terms

Section 1. The officers of the Association shall be as follows:
President member in good standing
Vice President member in good standing
Treasurer member in good standing
Secretary member in good standing
Board of Directors 3 members in good standing
Operations Volunteer member in good standing

Section 2. The elective officers named above shall be elected in the manner prescribed in the Bylaws for a term of two years. The elective officers may be re-elected to any number of consecutive terms, at the pleasure of the membership. Special elections may be held as necessary to replace any officer unable to continue to serve, with thirty (30) days prior written notice to members in good standing.

Section 3. The President shall be the chief executive of the organization. The President shall preside at all meetings, both general membership and board of directors. The President shall have the power to convene special meetings of the membership and the board of directors. The President shall have the power to appoint all committees.

Section. 4. The Vice President shall perform the duties as prescribed by the President and perform duties in the President’s stead when necessary.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall render, at Board of Director’s meetings and such other times as the President may instruct, a written account of the finances of the association in a form and manner showing the closing balance of the last report, all income and expenditures itemized, and a closing balance. This report shall be attached to the Minutes of the meeting at which presented. The Treasurer shall be responsible for general bookkeeping practices of the association.

Section 6. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the Minutes of all meetings whether scheduled or called and cause the Minutes to be published and distributed. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to file any certificates or reports required by any statue, state or federal, submit to the Board of Directors or the membership as appropriate any communications addressed to the office of the Secretary and to give and serve notices to the members. The Secretary shall attend to all correspondents of the organization and exercise all duties incidental to the office.

Section 7. The Board of Directors may make rules and regulations, as it may in its discretion determined necessary.

Section 8. Each officer shall have one (1) vote and such vote may be done by proxy on any known issue. There shall be no proxy votes on spontaneous issues.

Section 9. Regular elections shall be held during the October monthly meeting. In odd years, for the positions of President, Secretary and one (1) Board of Director Member; in even years, for the positions of Vice President, Treasurer and two (2) Board of Director Members.
(see note 7)

Section 10. Members who are elected as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, and members elected to serve on the Board of Directors, shall assume those positions immediately following the elections.
(see note 1)

Section 11. The Board reserves the right to conduct business electronically.
(see note 5)

Section 12. The Board shall appoint an Operations Volunteer from within its membership to maintain the website, social media, communications and conduct member notification of meetings and events. The position may vote as a member but not as a board member. The position shall serve at the discretion of the board and has no specific term.
(see note 8)

Article VII. Amendments

These Bylaws may be altered, amended, repealed or added to by an affirmative vote of not less than one-quarter (1/4) of the membership present at any meeting; however, each member must be notified by mail thirty (30) days prior to the intended action.


Note 1: September 1997 Added Section 10 to Article VI.
Note 2: Amended 12/01/98 Eliminated the word “OFFICERS” from name
Note 3: May 2003 Amended Article VI Section 9 to change voting month from May to September, effective September 2005
Note 4: September 2005 Added Section 4 to Article III
Note 5: September 2005 Added Section 11 to Article VI
Note 6: Amended June 2006 Added the words “and has attended 8 of the last 12 monthly meetings”
Note 7: September 2015, modified Section 9 – Previously read “Regular elections shall be held during the September monthly meeting in odd-numbered years. (see note 3)”
Note 8: March 2019 Added Section 12 to Article VI

By-laws Last Revised 3/19