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Responding to an Active Shooter

The University of Central Florida’s Police Department prepared this short and “to the point” public service announcement to help students and faculty respond safely in an active shooters situation.  The simple and to the point advice can be applied to any business or commercial location.

The Value of Home Security Systems

Winter Park Police are bringing attention to Home Burglaries. The video is comedic in nature (please enjoy) – but there is a very important message. There are measures you can take to decrease your chances of being victim to a home burglary. Advancements, improvements and cost reduction has made technology a viable and effective options.… Read More »

Lock It or Lose It

Did you know that the principle cause of petty theft from automobiles has a common attribute? Cars are left unlocked with valuables in plain view.  Lock it or Lose it, just good advice. Lock It or Lose It from City of Winter Park on Vimeo.